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Below are our range of designer storm drainage grates, grills and accessories which can be ordered via our warehouse in Australia, UK or US:

  • Designer Drain Grates
    (also known as Rainwater Pit Grates, Storm Drains, Drainage Grills, Drain Covers, Sump Drain Covers, Drain Gratings, French Drains, Floor Gratings)
  • Rainwater Pits (also known as Catch Baisns, Sump Drains, Soak Pits, Soakage Wells, Trenches, Stormwater Pits)
  • Designer U Channel Grates (also known as u channel drain grills, u channel drainage gratings, u channel covers)
  • U Channel Base (also known as u channel pits, u channel soak wells)

Our high quality aluminium drainage grates come in six colours, two shapes and two designs. Prices start at US$25.

Feel free to contact us if your require custom drain grate designs and colours. Minimum quantities and mold costs may apply, under agreement of contract.

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